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What our clients say

I ordered shirts for my softball team and the entire team loves them. Great quality, they fit well, and they were affordable. I’d definitely recommend anyone to check them out. They do good work.

Justin Brinker

These people are amazing! I needed to place a last minute order, they said no problem. I came in to pick it up and THEY noticed I had written down the wrong years…. They offered to fix it on the spot and even stayed open to do it! Thank you Brian, you saved me from looking ridiculous!!!! Great people and quality work and incredibly fast.

Cara Musick

Great people to deal with. Very helpful In finding exactly what you need. My order was done very quickly and the end results were exactly what my group was looking for! The best experience I have had in getting anything screen printed or embroidered

Patrick Henery

“We ordered t-shirts from D-Sport to promote our songwriters and performers. D-Sport was very easy to work with and gave us a great product!”

Banner Music Camilla Kleindienst (Owner)

Dsport History

Dsport opened originally by Richard Ditter as a sporting goods retail shop in the 1970's. It was one of only two places in Columbia that sold tennis racquets , golf clubs, cleats, etc. As the big box stores opened, competition pushed Dsport to expand into other forms of business. Screen printing and engraving were the first areas of expansion followed by embroidery. Grossman Promotions joined the Dsport team in 2010.
In 2015 Richard decided to retire and concentrate more on his family and his favorite sport, Golf! This is when Dsport became Dsport Graphics with the New Owners. Richard had laid a great foundation for 40 years changing when the times called for it. Our team at Dsport Graphics are dedicated to bringing you the same great service Richard did. We are planning on being here to serve you like Richard for 40 years plus!
See you soon!